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Help Desk IT Services:

Help Desk Tickets issued on the Blockchain to ensure implementation and resolution.
The ticket will remain open until resolved.

Here are some of the Services that can be provided.

Install desktop and laptop computers, configuring them to run on a company network. Load and test operating software, together with any application software that the user needs. Link the computer to peripheral equipment, such as printers or scanners, configuring any necessary drivers. Set up email accounts and Internet access on the computer. In addition to deploying user systems, technicians also may be responsible for installing servers and networking components.

If your company decides to upgrade its IT systems to take advantage of new operating system features or new versions of application software, technicians will carry out upgrades to all computers. Technicians may also upgrade individual computers, increasing memory, speed or hard drive capacity to suit users’ specific operating needs.

Our technicians can diagnose and resolve hardware problems. Diagnostic tools may be used to identify the cause of the problem and repair or replace any failed components. For serious problems where a user has lost data, the technician tries to recover and restore the data. Technicians will also diagnose software issues, reinstalling programs if necessary. If a user experiences problems connecting to the Internet, technicians diagnose and re-establish connectivity, consulting network specialists if necessary.

To strengthen IT security at the user level, technicians install and upgrade anti-virus software. They also diagnose and resolve any problems caused by computer viruses or malware. To reduce the risk of attack, they provide advice to users on security best practices and ensure that users are aware of company IT security policy.

Technicians provide support and advice to computer users. Following a new installation or upgrade program, they explain and demonstrate new features to users and provide brief training to ensure a successful deployment. They also provide ongoing support when users report a problem. Technicians may provide support remotely by working on a help desk and resolving issues by telephone. They visit users to deal with problems that cannot be resolved by telephone. These tickets will be issued to a local technician in that users area.

Blockchain OEM will work toward facilitating these goals.
Be a part of the new Standardization.

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